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The photographs of Dorothy Woodford

A picture of a woman and two children, the youngest is sat on her knee

My sister Betty, Mother and me in the back garden of 45 Sparkenhoe Street, sometime during 1925. The back gate lead to an entry in Gartree Street.

A photograph of a young girl standing near a boating pool

The boating pond, Gorlston on Sea, Norfolk. Sister Betty and self [wearing rubber 'paddling' drawers and hat] Summer, about 1927 - 1928.

A picture of a young girl holding a broom and toy goose

Me as Mother Goose,dressed for a fancy dress party at Medway School. 1929. The goose was rubber and had to be blown up. The checked skirt was made from old kitchen curtains.

A photograph of two children holding hands

Mother, Jack Casely , the son of one of my mother s Bank colleagues, and me, on a visit to Victoria Park. about 1925. Note the old twin towered Pavillion.

A picture of two young girls standing next to each other

Sister Betty and self in the front garden at 48 Sparkenhoe Street. Approx 1928.

A picture of a woman standing next to a boating pool

Me at the boating pond , Gorlston on Sea, Norfolk, 1997.

A photograph of a young girl in a W.A.A.F. uniform

Me in the W.A.A.F, 1943.

A picture of a woman with two children

Me, sister Betty and Mother, on a visit to Victoria Park about 1925. I distinctly remember my hat, rough straw, which made my ears literally burn!

A photograph of five girls in a line with their hands on each other's shoulders

A birthday party at the Hart home, in about 1929 or 30. Left to right - Joyce Hart [ great neice of Sir Israel Hart ], Audrey Felstein [ now in Israel ], Margaret Caney, Me [Dorothy Cooper], and sister Betty [Cooper ].

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