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The photographs of Joan Hands, nee Cook

12 young women posing for a group picture in a garden.

Collegiate School for Girls visit to Yorkshire in 1956. Joan Hands is on RHS of back row. We stayed in the Youth Hostel, where this photo was taken. We visited the City and Cathedral, and saw the 'Mystery and Miracle' plays on pageant wagons in the streets, as well as the spectacular open air play about the life of Christ.

Seven children posing for a group shot on the street in front of a terraced house.

Derwent Street Gang c. 1946 with the leader, Pam, top left. Joan is on the RHS of the back row.

Two young girls sitting on the grass in a garden.

Edna and Joyce Currall, Joan's cousins from Tottenham. They stayed with us in Derwent Street for a time during and after the war.

Man fishing at the edge of a canal.

Eric Cook fishing near Aylestone Bridge.

A boy and girl standing in an open air paddling pool.

Eric and Joan in the paddling pool at Abbey Park c. 1949.

A bride and groom and their bridesmaids outside a church.

Irene Saunders and Harold Pearce's wedding at Saint Peter's, Highfields. Joan was a young bridesmaid and Eric a pageboy.

A young woman standing facing the camera in a public park.

Joan Cook in Spinney Hill Park near the swings c. 1954.

Two young girls crading a doll each in a terraced street outside a front door.

Joan and Shirley in Derwent Street c. 1946.

An edwardian family group posing for the camera in the backyard of a terraced house.

Mabel Currall with doll, her Mum and Dad, Uncle Will and Aunt Em.

A large group of boys and girls posed for a group shot in front of a school building with a teacher.

Medway Street Junior School c. 1948.

Three young children standing in a publivc park.

Shirley, Eric and Joan in Spinney Hill Park c. 1944.

A large group of boys and girls dressed in costume as elves and fairies in front of a school building.

Melbourne Road Infants school 1947. Dress rehearsal for 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' to be performed at the De Montfort Hall. Joan was the Fairy Queen (with wand, centre of back row), but, sadly, had scarlet fever and could not perform on the day. Geoffrey Smith is the boy in the black hat in the centre of the second row. (added by Geoffrey Smith)

Joan Hands

De Montfort University