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The photographs of Marie Lawson

3 females posing for a group picture in a street

Here's Marie squinting in the sun when she was 11. She's with her mother and older sister Betty visiting Hunstanton resort in 1954. She's carrying her little pocketbook and wearing a new blouse with flowers on it, (she still remembers that blouse).

Newspaper clipping with black and white portrait of a young woman

In 1962 Marie emigrated to the United States of America to join her mother and sister there, as reported by the Leicester Evening Mail on 12th July 1962.

Newspaper clipping titled Leicester girl flying out to Boston

A close-up of the article in the Leicester Evening Mail on 12th July 1962.

Two adults posing in front of trees.

Here's a photo of Marie taken on the 18th of October 2014, with Peter Chamberlain - She's still stealing apples, but these are ripe ones.

Marie Lawson

De Montfort University