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Guthlaxton Street

A picture of a large building at the end of a narrow street

Houses nos; 43-45 Guthlaxton Street, photographed from Framland Street.

A picture of the back of ramshackle terraced housing backing onto waste ground

Rear of houses in Guthlaxton Street. Photographed 1965.

A large house on the corner of a sloping road.

Houses nos; 90-98 Guthlaxton Street, photographed from the corner with Porter Street, 1966.

A picture of a row of old terraced houses

Houses nos; 20-44 Guthlaxton Street. Photographed 1966.

A picture of a road with terraced housing on each side.  In the distance is a large building

Houses on Guthlaxton Street between Framland Street and Oxendon Street. Rank Taylor Hobson is in the distance. Photographed 1965.

A picture of a sloping road with a variety of terraced houses on either side

The section of Guthlaxton Street between Maxfield Street and Waring Street. Photographed 1965.

A picture of a road with derilict terraced housing on each side

A section of Guthlaxton Street, between Thomas Street and Waring Street. Briggs Tannery is on the right. Photographed 1965.

A picture looking up a road of terraced houses.  An old, broken hording is on the gable end of the first house.

North west side of Guthlaxton Street showing houses nos; 4-44. Photographed 1966

A picture of a large building being demolished

Demolition of Briggs Tannery. Photographed from Waring Street 1966.

A picture of a large factory building

Briggs Tannery, Guthlaxton Street. Photographed 1963.

A picture of series of terraced shops

Extract from recollection of Dorothy Woodward. No: 9 Guthlaxton Street, virtually unchanged, visited this house many times as my mother was friendly with the family living there, the Shellards. The eldest but one of the daughters 'coached' me in algebra when I went to Grammar School, and if I remember correctly, recieved 2 shillings a week for this [about 10p today ]. I also had weekly music lessons with Miss Vines, further along the street, but those houses have long been demolished and replaced. Photograph by Dorothy Woodford 1997.

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