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The Highfields Remembered site was developed originally by the Department of Learning Technologies at De Montfort University, Leicester, directed by Stephen Brown, on behalf of the Leicestershire Multicultural Oral and Pictorial Archive.

This update has been developed by Robb Ross of Knowledge Media Design at De Montfort University.

A memory drawing of the house, 22 Lothair Road by Hazel Jacques

Multimedia production

Iona Cruickshank: editor and project manager
Howard Freeman: programme and database design
Chris Hughes: website design
Barbara Hind: photographer and research assistant
Andrzej Jablonski: production assistant
Katie Scott, Jacki Smith, Jane Crabb and Mamta Patel: transcription and administration
Nigel Essex: 1998 photographs

Redesign by Robb Ross, 2007


The Highfields Remembered site would not have been possible without the many people who contributed so generously to this project, and gave us permission to publish their reminiscences, and in some cases their family photographs, on the internet. Our thanks go to:

Alex Acheson, Bahsish Singh Attwal, Harbhajan Kan Bhoot, M. Bhumbra, G. Biggs, Roger Cave, Balwant Singh Claire, Sandy Coleman, Linda Cox, Michael Densham, Boleslaw Dobski, Barbara Evans, Dr. Stuart Fraser, Marianne Hancock, Tirthram Hansrani, Abdul Haq, Betty Hoyland, Hazel Jacques, Amarjit Singh Johl, Harbans Kaur, Mr Kidacki, Alma Knight, Aiden Maguire, Marjorie Marston, Kamala Mistry, Govindbhai Patel, Margaret Porter, Brett Pruce, Charan Singh, Hussein Sonde, Khirunnisa Sonde, Nora Swift, Cllr. Farook Subedar, Mary Thornley, Eric Tolton, Ibrahim Vania, Muriel Wilmot, Dorothy Woodford.

Thanks are also due to all the people who helped to produce the book 'Highfields Remembered', developed in association with this site:

Richard Barlow, Nirmala Bhojani, Joy Brindle, Marian Carey, Lindsay Casselden, Chayara Chowdhury, Madeleine Cooke, Helen Edwards, Helen Evans, John Fletcher, John Hinks, Chris Hodgson, Rehana Jivanji, Harinder Johl, Phil Laughton, Val Lea, Hajra Makda, Maka Millett, Sally Mitchell, Kashi Nagra, Noreen Noor, Gurjeet Samra, Margaret Speak, Roy Thistlethwaite and Vicky Woods from Leicestershire Libraries and Information Service; Deirdre Figueredo, Carl Harrison and the staff of Leicestershire Record Office, and Tim Schadla-Hall from Leicestershire Museums, Arts and Records Service; Professor Stephen Brown and Iona Cruickshank from De Montfort University; Dr Rob Perks from The National Sound Archive; and Brenda Smith, Project Officer at the Leicestershire Multicultural Oral and Pictorial Archive Project.

A photograph with friends in Starogard 1940, by Boleslaw Dobski

Finally we would like to thank Dennis Callow, Leicester City Libraries, and Leicestershire Record Office for permission to use photographs from their collections.

The maps of the Highfields area of Leicester are published courtesy of Ordnance Survey, reference details as follows:

Ordnance Survey - 25 inch - 1938 edition - sheet no: XXX1.11 and sheet no: XXX1.15

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