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Mrs Nora Swift was born in Highfields.

Mrs Nora Swift,

I was born at 57 Dronfield Street. When I was a few months old, my parents moved into Fairfield Street. At that time, I understand there were new terraced houses by the score to let and very nice they were too. I was sixth in the family out of nine, the last three being born at Humberstone Garden suburb, a newly built residential community.

I had an aunt who lived in Bakewell Street. In her backyard was a newly built garage which housed a beautiful car belonging to my mother.

My mother's family owned a printing business in Short Street, Leicester which still stands. My father worked for mother's family until 1914.

After moving to Garden Suburb we used to walk from there as children (it must have been at least a four mile walk) to visit my aunt at the shop in Bakewell Street, which sold everything from fuel lighters to lovely big square boxes of biscuits, what a sight and smell!

The most outstanding thing I can remember was walking across Spinney Hill Park. The sheep were grazing on the hillside, what a lovely sight and not one smelly grass mower in sight!

Nora Swift
(nŽe Winterton)

De Montfort University