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Mrs G. Biggs was born in Highfields in 1922.

Mrs G Biggs.

I was born in1922 and lived at No 4 Abney Street for 11 years in the 1920s and 1930s.

No 4 Abney Street was just across the road from the corner shop which is now the Laundrette. It used to be owned by Mr Growther who sold bread and cakes.

The next shops going up the hill in Eggington Street where:-

Mr Laird, a boot and shoe repairer, Miss Wandle, a greengrocer, Mr Cowney selling fish, Messrs Pittock and Gramp, a haberdasher and Mr Wilby, the chemist.

On the opposite corner to Wilbys was the butcher. A little further down on the same side was Sturtons the grocers who ground and roasted coffee on the premises. The roaster was in the window with a grating to the street and the smell wafted down each day.

On the corner of Abney Street opposite to Crowthers was Browns the grocers, a little further down was Wheatcroft the Pork Butchers who made their own pork pies on the premises.

The baking was at the bottom of our garden, and here again, the smell of pork pies being cooked was delightful.

I hope that this information will help you for "Highfields Remembered".

Yours truly

Mrs G Biggs

De Montfort University