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St Saviours Road

A picture of the front of a factory building with three large double doors

The east side of St Saviours Road showing Nos; 14-16, showing the frontage of Siddons Packaging as it was re-built for the Queen's Coronation in 1952, hence the name Coronation Works. Photographed 1970.

A picture of an abandoned row of terraced shops

Nos; 8- 12 St Saviours Road. Photographed 1970.

A picture of a long row of terraced houese, the first half of which have been boarded up

View along St Saviours Road showing houses nos; 4 -52. Photographed 1970.

A picture of small road junction with shops on both corners

St Saviours Road and the corner with Charnwood Street. Photographed 1970.

A picture of a large brick building with a spire at one end

St Saviours Neighbourhood Centre / School. Photographed 1994.

De Montfort University