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Porter Street

A picture of a row of partly demolished houses

Porter Street with Rank Taylor Hobsons at the end of the Street. most of these houses were still occupied in 1965.

A picture of a plaque on the wall between two derelict houses

House nos; 34-36, Porter Street. The plaque on the wall reads 'Victoria Cottages 1875'. photographed 1966.

A picture of a partially demolished factory

The demolition on Porter Street of Briggs Tannery, photographed from Waring Street 1966.

A picture of a small row of terraced houses with large adverts between the first floor windows

Houses nos; 56-58 Porter Street. Photographed 1966.

A picture of a long row of derelict terraced houses with a large piece of waste ground at the front

The west side of Porter Street photographed after the demolition of Briggs Tannery.

A picture of a row of terraced houses from the top of the road

The west side of Porter Street at the bend near to Rank Taylor Hobsons.

A picture of a large factory building

Briggs Tannery, Porter Street.

A picture of the corner of a large factory building.  It has a number of broken windows and looks abandoned

Briggs Tannery, on the corner of Porter Street and Thomas Street.

De Montfort University